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The sole survivor of a 35 minute delay

I am not an experienced cannibal!

Contact info here.

My bio was lame. Here's hoping this bio is less lame.

Picture via dragkingbar
That used to be an awesome scan of the cover of some pulp named A Man Called Sex. Sadly, I never got around to saving that file anywhere. I can only find the book mentioned in one other place, and no picture. Quite sad..

Someone's userpic-- sadly, the person that pointed me to it didn't know whose pic it is...
?uestlove, a tribe called quest, aceyalone, airhead bmws, airhead boxers, alan moore, americorps, americorps*nccc, androgynous girls, ani difranco, ansley, atheism, atlanta, avoiding detroit, ben folds, ben folds five, beulah, bird, blackalicous, blackstar, bmw motorcycles, bob marley, brother ?uestion, buttercup, cars, charlie parker, chest rockwell, chicken box, christian mcbride, coffee, common, company flow, count basie, dan the automator, daniel clowes, datbu, dave brubeck, de la soul, dead prez, del, deltron 3030, denver, digable planets, dilated peoples, dirty dozen brass band, dizzy gillespie, el-p, erato, fear of pop, flogging molly, get fuzzy, gil scott-heron, glbt issues, god is my co-pilot, handsome boy modeling school, hieroglyphics, hip hop, hip-hop, hockey, j5, james, janeane garofalo, jean grae, john coltrane, johnny cash, jurassic 5, lovage, love, lyricist lounge, macy gray, margaret cho, mars ill, mary prankster, max roach, mc chris, mc frontalot, mc paul barman, me'shell ndegéocello, michael chabon, miles davis, milla, milla jovovich, mina mina goodsong, mos def, motorcycles, mountain biking, mr len, mtx, nathaniel merriweather, nccc, nerdcore hip hop, noel pointer, okay player, oscar peterson, pansy division, pharaohe monch, pixies, pop will eat itself, powerpuff girls, ppg, prince paul, princess superstar, questlove, rahzel, rakim, rasputina, reflection eternal, roadkill radio, rockit, roots, royal crown revue, sage francis, sarah jones, satan and adam, saturn bar, saul williams, scratch, seven foot politic, shannyn sossamon, shorthair, slick rick, soundbombing, straight but not narrow, talib kweli, teaching, tenacious d, the boondocks, the butchies, the causey way, the clash, the godfather, the high & mighty, the mr. t experience, the philadelphia experiment, the pixies, the police, the powerpuff girls, the roots, the who's tommy, tommy, tracy chapman, underwear, ursula rucker, vegetarianism, violin, waffle house, waiting for godot, watchmen, what what, whild peach